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              Instrument: Trombone


Evan Mackey has been playing the Trombone for 22 years.

Favorite Color: Black (it is technically the presence of all colors)

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Drink: Whiskey (that's Scotch)

Favorite Book: Dune

Favorite Band: Upper Structure

Favorite Film: Demolition Man

Favorite Place: Earth

Favorite Eric Burdon Song: 27 Forever


©Within Memory Photography

              Animals Imprint:


When I first got the call that Mr. Burdon wanted a trombone player to join the Animals for his tours this year I couldn’t believe it. 

It is rare to get a call for a tour and for it to be with a living legend only added to my surprise. I arrived in studio for my first rehearsal with the group and got acquainted with the core rhythm section of the band as they were doing sound check in preparation for Mr. Burdon’s arrival.

I already knew that this project was going to be something special but as I heard the band play through the first tune the reality of the situation struck me. All four players were exceptional beyond my wildest expectations, and then Eric arrived.

The band took a break to greet him, Eric went around the room,

I introduced myself and he asks me,

“Who are your favorite trombone players?”

I started my answer with J.J. Johnson and as I was about to continue he says, “No, that’s enough right there.”


Once the greetings and my introduction were complete the band began to rehearse in earnest.

If Eric had not proved himself already with his extensive discography and his status as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee,

then the first notes he sang would have done so.


It is been an honor and a privilege to work with Eric; his knowledge of the history and the great recordings of the last century and his passion for the music has been inspirational.

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