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           Instrument: Drums 


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Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Drink: Jameson (on the rocks)

Favorite Book: James & The Giant Peach

Favorite Film: Office Space

Favorite Band: Past: The Beatles - Present: Tedeschi Trucks Band

Favorite Place: Santorini, Greece

Favorite EB/Animals Song: “Don’t Bring Me Down”


            Animal Imprint:

I couldn’t be more deeply honored and humbled to be a part of the new     reincarnation of The Animals…and with Eric at the helm! I mean, is there any  other way to do it? No other set of pipes could pump out these tunes the way    he does and always has.

I’ll never forget when I first met Eric. The boys and I were in the studio rehearsing “Monterey,” and Eric came strolling into the live room, shades on, ready to get to work. We finished the song and he said “Well, you’ve got Monterey. What’s next?”


The process of building and rehearsing this show has been so rewarding. Every musician I know has early memories of entertaining dream scenarios of getting involved with their favorite bands, like sitting in when the lead singer announces they’re in need of a [insert instrument] player because theirs suddenly came down with a nasty flu. Never, though, could I have imagined giving creative input to performing these songs I already know and love, or sitting around a dinner table hearing the stories that accompany them. None of us could have ever dreamed of befriending such a kind, relatable rock ’n roll icon. It’s been completely next level.     


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