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Watching a documentary recently on the legend of the Obama years, I was amazed to find that our President was able to sing the old spiritual, Amazing Grace, a cappella. 

This song was first published in 1779 and was written by an English man,

a sailor called John Newton.

After serving in the Royal Navy, he became involved in the Atlantic slave trade. 

In his search for Redemption, he found Amazing Grace, in his own words, as millions of others have.

Newton passed in the year of 1807. 

I write this to make a point, that music has no boundaries and that this anthem has been able to survive through the centuries.

Just as this song enters my ears, through the baritone voice of President Obama, it is time to admit to ourselves that we live in a racially divided world, but one where we could eventually see beyond the color of skin and recognize the spirit and the soul within each and every one of our brothers and sisters.


WE ARE NOT AFRAID and our spirits will remain strong.

Eric Burdon



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